The world

The worlds

The realities are like wheels. The earthly plane sits at the center, the hub. Surrounding it are the elemental planes that reflect its nature like spokes of the wheel. Beyond them wrapped around the circumference are the higher planes inhabited by diety, demon, devil, daemon, all the beings of higher power.

But the world of man is the hub and essential. Without it all falls apart.

These wheels are lined up infinitely side by side, turning. All others realities are derivative of this one, the original of Ptah’s design. Between each are the Fae. Above and below, or side by side, perspective defines them and their location. These are the unfinished works of Ptah. The mutable substance/in-substance that cushions the movement of the realities as they turn and press against one another in their infinite chain.

What else lies between around above below? The ethereal plan, which conducts and is yet nothing, is present and yet void. Hiigher still (further away? farther removed?) the Astral, where in dwells Ptah sleeping. All places have native life, sparse though it might be. All places have visitors, travelers and wanderers.


The world

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