Gul'Dukat Nights

Log for 9/10/10

Sydney, a secretive half-elf in the employ of House Ondis, accompanies a caravan to the Eastern Lands. Comming attack by bandit raiders, the caravan’s escort seems like it could be overwhelemed, until the arrival of the elf sorceror Alera, newly set out on her travels to see and learn the world at large. With her intervention the attack is quickly repulsed, and Sydney, encountering another one of her kind for the first time, takes her to accompany her on the long trek back to Gul’Dukat.

Weeks later, Sydney is summoned to the Tancred’s study after witnessing Tancred recieve a piece of information from a woman earlier in the day. She is to take Alera and find Wulfgang, a barbarian mercenary staying at an inn elsewhere in the city and lead him back to House Ondis for a business proposition…

Elsewhere, Wulfgang is sitting at a tavern inn, where he strikes up a conversation with Bas, a Dragonborn with apparent magical ability. Both warriors, seperated from their respective peoples. When men come to arrest Bas, he his defended by Wulfgang as well as a rogue working at the inn. The evening ends with the three of them having defeated the two men sent to collect Bas, but having recieved word from the inkeeper that more are waiting outside. They can choose to escape by subtle means, or take their chances with the group out front…


ckozlowski ckozlowski

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