In mighty city of Gul’Dukat, deep far within the eastern deserts, a challenge is made against a noble house Ondis. The young mage Tancred is sent to defend the house’s honor, and to uncover the nature of the threats aligned against it. In this brutal and callous society, murder and subterfuge are hardly unusual. Yet the young mage suspects that behind his enemies hostile posture lies something even more mysterious, and possibly even more sinister. To counter this, he will need resources, luck, and most importantly, allies.

Their search will take them though shadowy alleys and conspiring dens, to the tallest escarpments of the western mountains. Though fire and ice he will send his adventurers forth to build his power, to not only fight off those who would destroy their home, but to unmake the city’s rotten structure, and bring it crashing down, once and for all.

For there is no rest for those who hold power in Gul’Dukat; the great houses of the aristocracy sitting on the bodies and rubble of those they trampled to obtain it. Tancred and his adventurers will question whether they are able to hold off the assailants without becoming the very thing they despise, and in the process, wonder if the tyrannical mages they fight were the only thing holding the darkness back in the first place.

Gul'Dukat Nights

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